Global Payments Company

TouchNet is a Global Payments company

TouchNet is part of Global Payments Inc. (NYSE: GPN), a leading payments technology company delivering innovative software and services to customers globally. TouchNet and its customers enjoy the privacy, security, and compliance benefits of being part of a global, Fortune 500® company with 27,000 team members. TouchNet takes advantage of the technology, expertise, and scale of Global Payments to keep our product development and support on the cutting edge.

TouchNet is Committed to Privacy, Security, and Compliance

TouchNet is a longstanding leader in developing campuswide payment and ID management solutions and services for higher education institutions that are private, secure, and compliant by design. We stay up to date on the constant evolution of privacy, security, compliance, and fraud, and scan the horizon to identify future challenges and opportunities. With this knowledge and experience, we develop and support products that not only meet but surpass industry standards to stay ahead of the curve.

Our Solutions

TouchNet products are developed by following security design principles like least privilege, and supports products that use point to point encryption (P2PE).

Our Solutions

Our solutions regularly undergo penetration tests by both internal and external parties, scanning for vulnerabilities, and code review.

Staff are required to complete regular training on the latest security measures and cybersecurity tactics, including phishing and other social engineering attacks.