Efficiency. Technology. Trust.

TouchNet sets the curve in commerce automation so you can manage payments better everywhere money moves on campus.

About TouchNet

Ever since its inception, TouchNet has focused on its unwavering commitment to a seamless unification of campus commerce. Today, our products give you superior edge-to-edge campus commerce automation and integration. Rapid development of advanced technologies ensures your campus is always ahead of the curve. Tomorrow brings even more exciting possibilities now that we’re part of the Heartland Campus Solutions initiative.

Serving students and other constituents may be your mission, but securing and processing their payments is your challenge. With rising costs, escalating rules and regulations, and ever-growing student expectations for the latest electronic commerce technology, the job seems to get tougher all the time. We’re here to help—not just as a vendor, but as your commerce partner. We have your student’s best interest at heart, just like you do. We look for opportunities where you can save time and money, improve student services, and better secure payment data. We offer you the broadest range of campus commerce solutions available today and help you successfully navigate a shifting commerce landscape.

Set the Curve

TouchNet has saved clients time, money and hassles by setting the industry curve in efficiency, technology, and trust. Now, after joining forces with Heartland, we’re charging forward and setting the curve even higher. TouchNet + Heartland gives higher education institutions access to even more resources, services, and solutions that move campus commerce forward.

“We Set the Curve in Efficiency. You save time and money.”

The most payment options and maximum flexibility for cost-efficient transaction processing +
faster and easier reconciliation with Heartland payment processing.

More pre-integrated third-party partners for campuswide unification and easier PCI compliance +
opportunities for transaction volume incentives.

The largest user base of ePayments in higher education means power in numbers +
the know-how of one of the largest payment processors in the U.S.

“We Set the Curve in Technology. Your business runs better.”

Automation across all campus departments delivering real-time information +
optimized payment management with an enterprise Dashboard.

Broad spectrum of U.Commerce® solutions eliminates expensive support for multiple systems +
Heartland’s campus cards, disbursement options, loan servicing and more.

Technologies that exceed expectations of campus constituents to improve institutional competitiveness +
adopting emerging commerce technologies for new solutions.

“We Set the Curve in Trust. Your environment is secure.”

Software and operations that are fully certified and PCI DSS and PA-DSS compliant +
the expertise from securing more than $100 billion in transactions per year.

Open and honest business model +
Heartland’s Merchant Bill of Rights for fair and transparent payment processing.

Dedication to higher education + the strength of an industry
leader with a knowledge base from a wide range of merchants and markets.