Electronic student billing, refunds, deposits,
and tuition payment plans.


TouchNet® Bill+Payment is a comprehensive “payment portal” for student accounts. Bill+Payment expands student services to include online bill presentation, online payments and deposits, disbursement of student refunds, and tuition payment plans. It streamlines business office operations by eliminating repetitive and inefficient tasks, paper bills, paper checks, and more. Bill + Payment gives your staff time to help students and parents who need personal guidance and assistance and gives students 24/7 online and mobile access to campus bills and online bill payments.

Account Center: ePayments

Bill+Payment Account Center is the heart of basic electronic payment services for student accounts. It offers students online payments, parent pay, stored online payment profiles, access to real-time account balances, account activity, payments scheduled in advance, and real-time posting of payments to the campus ERP system.

eSeries: eBilling, eDeposits, and eRefunds

Bill+Payment eSeries offers students, parents, and other authorized users the convenience of online, self-service access to campus statements, current account balances, recent activity, and estimated financial aid whenever they want. It also provides students the ability to make online payments for deposits that do not reduce a student’s account balance until the appropriate release date. In addition, Bill+Payment eSeries simplifies disbursement of financial aid and student refunds. Like payroll direct deposits, electronic disbursements are easy, safe, and reliable.

Payment Plans: Tuition Installment Payments

It’s revenue; keep it on campus. TouchNet Payment Plans is a paperless solution for creating, managing, and enrolling students in tuition installment payment plans. Just imagine: hands-free payment plan administration, tailored plans to suit your diverse student population, student self-service and paperless enrollment. What’s more, by managing plans on campus, you can turn setup fees and late payment charges into additional campus revenue streams. Payment Plans lets a campus administer installment payments with real-time integration to the campus ERP system. It incorporates automatic recalculation of payment amounts when a student’s status changes and sends emails with notifications of account changes. It converts static payment plans to dynamic, real-time plans and it provides for automatic enrollment of students in new plans after they complete old plans.