Platform Reporting

Streamline reporting, boost efficiency, and gain insights by consolidating Marketplace and the Payment Gateway transaction data into pre-built dashboards that can be scheduled for automatic delivery.

Visual Dashboards

Based on user roles, Platform Reporting dashboards include comprehensive filters enabling users to slice and dice data and drill down for additional details and analysis. Each dashboard consists of multiple tiles containing report data that can be downloaded. The visualization tool provides an efficient way for users to review Marketplace data and identify trends. Quick access to centralized data means administrators can make better decisions across the institution.

Streamline Operations

With pre-built dashboards, automated data aggregation improves accuracy and efficiency. In addition, dashboards can be scheduled for delivery to anyone at your institution, reducing time spent building reports and streamlining workflow. With comprehensive filters and the ability to analyze additional details, users have the information to investigate and resolve inconsistencies quickly.

Simplify Reconciliation

Displaying aggregate totals and line item data between the Payment Gateway and Marketplace transactions allows users to quickly view data and ensure that general ledger values match the values in the campus financial information system. Platform Reporting streamlines manual processes to enable easy reconciliation when verifying batches from Marketplace to your bank.

Insights For Informed Decision Making

The ability to filter and export dashboards allows users to easily analyze information and better understand their return on investment in campus e-commerce initiatives. Administrators and staff can examine top performing stores and sites to see overall revenue and review the details for trend analysis. Institutions leveraging Platform Reporting can maximize meaningful insights for informed decision-making and forecasting.


TouchNet Platform Reporting

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