Mobile Student ID in Apple Wallet

OneCard Campus ID solution lets students add their credentials in the Apple Wallet for secure access to campus buildings and payments with the tap of their phone.

How Mobile Student IDs in Apple Wallet Works

For your students to add their mobile student ID in Apple Wallet, your campus ID solution must be part of your university's app. From the mobile app, students, faculty, and staff can add their OneCard Campus ID to Apple Wallet with the click of a button. Once added, users can easily gain access to secure campus areas and make purchases across campus. Using Apple Wallet requires fewer clicks and provides a smooth, contactless experience.

Flexible Provisioning Options

OneCard Campus ID solution provides flexibility by meeting you where you are based on your mobile app strategy. We enable provisioning credentials for the Apple Wallet in two ways:

  • Existing University Mobile App — Already have a mobile app on campus? That's great. We have an integration package that incorporates OneCard Campus ID in your institution's existing app. This allows your students to add their mobile student ID in Apple Wallet.
  • U.Commerce 360u Mobile App — Need a mobile app that works campuswide? We've got you covered there, too. With OneCard Campus ID in 360u, students can add their mobile student ID in Apple Wallet. Then, they can tap their phone to card readers to access buildings, register for events, and make purchases across campus.

Mobile ID in Apple Wallet Benefits

For students who have grown up in a mobile world, using their phone for access, dining, and more is expected. The mobile student ID in Apple Wallet takes the student experience to the next level, providing many benefits.

Safeguard Campus Access Points

Once mobile student IDs are in Apple Wallet, users can access dorms, buildings, libraries, dining halls, events, and more via their iPhone or Apple Watch. By simply tapping their phone, users can prove their identity, enter secure campus areas, and pay for purchases. For administrators, it also streamlines campus identity management, allowing them to quickly and easily activate, suspend, resume, or remove credentials.

Enable Secure Campus Transactions

Requiring fewer clicks at check-out, the solution provides a contactless experience and takes advantage of enhanced security features to help reduce the threat of fraud and chargebacks. Administrators can quickly suspend credentials if a mobile device is lost or stolen, helping prevent unauthorized charges.

Leverage Data for Actionable Insights

The mobile student ID in Apple Wallet brings together student experiences and campus interactions, allowing institutions to see data firsthand. Reports on the type of devices used on campus, frequency of use, and successful provisioning are available for additional insight. Use these actionable insights to make strategic, informed decisions.

Path to Mobile Student ID in Apple Wallet

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3. Project implementation and launch

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