For the Business Office and Campus Merchants


TouchNet® Cashiering provides colleges and universities with integrated support for campuswide, in-person payments from the business office to campus points of sale. Complete with web departmental deposits, point of sale devices, and payment collection for other miscellaneous revenues, you now have a comprehensive, real-time cashiering system for both receivable and nonreceivable payments. TouchNet Cashiering helps you increase efficiency and limit clerical errors while offering you a wide range of payment types so that you can manage costs more effectively for both receivable and non-receivable transactions. It also delivers centralized oversight and audits of in-person payments, tighter security controls, and a simplified daily close and balance process.

Cashiering for the Business Office

TouchNet Cashiering - Business Office is designed to receipt receivable payments for student accounts. It is a comprehensive business solution that enables multiple cashier stations operate at the same time, sending real-time information back and forth from the student system. The Business Office Cashiering application delivers a comprehensive range of cashiering functionality, including the Authorizing and settling of credit and debit card payments, validation of ACH payments, the scanning and storing of checks and electronic signatures, printing receipts and reports based on transaction activities, and much more.

Cashiering for Campus Merchants

TouchNet Cashiering - Campus Merchant is a PA-DSS compliant cashiering application for in-person and over-the-phone transactions for campus merchants outside of the business office. It enables institutions to implement PCI-compliant payment points across campus while also providing cashiers mobility and autonomy in setting up their stations. The application also simplifies daily reconciliation, provides advanced reporting capabilities, and updates back-end records, such as General Ledger (G/L) accounts.

Web Departmental Deposits

TouchNet Web Departmental Deposits helps streamline the business office process of recording batch deposits. Operating departments across campus record their payment transactions in a web-based application and transmit the list online to the business office with little or no help from a Cashier. At the end of the day, when the batch deposits are delivered to the business office, the deposit is matched to the transmitted batch and no reentry of receipts is required.