Connecting What Matters with TouchNet


From tuition payments to campus services, classroom credentials, events, dining, and more, TouchNet technology creates real-time, connected experiences campuswide.

But don't just take our word for it. Watch the videos below to hear from our schools and partners how TouchNet helps them connect what matters on campus.

  • Hear from our schools ...

    "Technology plays a huge part because we have to be so quick and nimble in providing services to students … [They] have grown up with information at their fingertips … We want that user experience to be very positive, and we want them to be able to get to the information they need to make the best decision financially for their families."

    Tim Riley
    Assistant Comptroller & University Bursar
    Purdue University Main Campus

  • Hear from our schools ...

    “Everything’s online with their system … if you use your card we can shut it off. The doors are online, so you can lock the door. We can do an automatic lock down for things. We can open up doors … so it’s really safe and secure."

    TouchNet OneCard technology ensures peace of mind for students at Mount Holyoke College. Providing the latest in credentials and security is connecting what matters.

    Doug Vanderpoel
    Director, Auxiliary Services
    Mount Holyoke College

    Doug Vanderpoel
    Watch Doug's video
  • Hear from our schools ...

    “It’s great that OneCard is operating on all the campuses, it really lends itself to a nice student experience. Quite often we’ll have students that move from one campus to another, so then it’s a unified experience … they know that what happened there is the same as what will happen here.”

    Jennifer McNeill
    ONEcard Manager
    University of Alberta

  • Hear from our schools ...

    “We’re gonna help you whichever way you come to us … online, inline, you’re still our student. You’re still the customer that we serve … we strive to give you the best education experience we can ... and all the technology plays a role in making that happen."

    TouchNet U.Commerce connects what matters with integration through every payment channel at Long Island University.

    Dave Mainenti
    Associate VP, Student Financial Services & Compliance
    Long Island University

  • Hear from our schools ...

    “I think it’s important to the university that any transaction that a student or parent makes is secure and they feel confident giving us their information … so we have invested in security and infrastructure … and we do not take that lightly."

    PCU compliant solutions and secure payments for both parents and students connect what matters at the University of Alabama.

    Kristy Pritchett
    Director, Student Account Services
    University of Alabama

  • Hear from our schools ...

    “... Using TouchNet and integrating with various systems, we’re able to lower the back office process. The products have helped break down some silos … it gave us the capability to focus more on the student experience. We’re always forward thinking, we’re always asking TouchNet to do more. They really listen to us, and they are really a partner.”

    Valarie Van Vlack
    Texas State University