TouchNet offers you a full range of student refund solutions, from direct deposit only to fully-managed disbursement services that include a refund debit card option.

eRefunds | Direct Deposit

TouchNet eRefunds gives you a platform for electronic disbursement of Title IV funds and other student credit balances via the ACH Network. Direct deposit is a tried-and-true disbursement method used for decades by organizations to send money from one account to another. Funds go directly to your students' bank accounts, regardless of how often your students change mailing addresses. Students set up secure, online refund profiles (bank accounts to receive disbursements); get emails when a distribution is pending; and get other emails when a deposit has been made. What's more, eRefunds is nearly as easy for staff as it is for students. It is fully integrated into your campus ERP system for a seamless and automated process, reducing costs, effort, and student concerns.

  • Easy-to-use TouchNet eRefunds student portal
  • Electronic refunds via Direct Deposit/ACH
  • School processes ACH transactions and check printing
  • Enhanced eRefunds reporting for students and administrators
  • TouchNet software support services

eRefunds PLUS | Managed Service

TouchNet eRefunds PLUS is a new-generation refund disbursement solution designed to extend the eRefunds platform with a full range of student refund options in a fully-managed services environment. It offers your students an unbiased choice of refund methods, including direct deposit or check. For your staff, eRefunds PLUS delivers convenient support services for refund disbursements that keep students happy and your campus compliant.

  • Built on TouchNet eRefunds platform
  • Completely compliant solution with new Department of Education Cash Management rules
  • Student choice with direct deposit or check
  • Check printing services including stale check handling
  • ACH processing and handling
  • Complete day-to-day disbursement funds management
  • Student/parent support provided by Heartland ECSI call center
  • Complete back office support services
  • Enhanced reporting for checks and direct deposit