When hundreds of systmes work perfectly together, there's nothing quite like it. And when it comes to integration, there's nothing quite like TouchNet. Featuring the deepest integration available. TouchNet unifies the entire campus enterprise onto one cohesive platform. Meaning reduced complexities, streamlined operations and more time to focus on what matters most.

TouchNet delivers the complete approach to:

From commerce and creditionals to transactions and disbursements, TouchNet unifies the entire campus enterprise onto one robust platform. That's more cohesion, simplicity and reliability, meaning you're able to focus on connecting what matters.

Integration delivers unparalleled visibility to campus transactions. In turn, it provides insight into payment processing costs, easier data analysis and streamlined reconciliation. All helping to save both time and money.

With integration comes confidence. That's because TouchNet eliminates disparate systems that are susceptible to data breaches. And with the latest multiplayer encryption features, modern authorization technologies and more, you can be sure sensitive data stays safe.


Integration gives today's students the simplicity, reliability and intuitiveness they demand. With TouchNet, we help you connect what matters by enhancing the student experience, helping to build loyalty that can last a lifetime.

See the beauty of integration for yourself.

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