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As your trusted partner in the payments industry, TouchNet works to share our knowledge of the rules, regulations, and processes that are unique to colleges and universities. TouchNet keeps you and your team up to date with seminars, webcasts, conferences, blogs and more — so you are ready for changes as they happen.


Join Adam McDonald, TouchNet president, as he discusses various industry topics, shares insights and spotlights new trends to make sure you're up to date on all things campus commerce and credentials related!

PCI Resources

The Payment Card Industry can make life difficult for even the most compliance-conscious campus. TouchNet breaks down the PA-DSS and PCI-DDS certifications into language you can understand and use — and keeps you informed on what updates mean to your campus business office.

Solving the Student Refund Puzzle

TouchNet is a thought leader in the ongoing discussions surrounding Title IV student aid disbursements. We continue to follow developments in this important area and the impending changes that will affect the way refunds are handled on your campus.

Durbin Debit

What are your rights as a merchant under the Durbin Amendment? TouchNet keeps you up to date on all the activity that may affect your merchant agreements and the payment strategy on your campus.

Convenience Fees

Controlling payment expenses is on the mind of every campus professional. Watch this special resource center for breaking news and updates on the controversial credit card interchange settlement and the ongoing battle between card companies and retailers.


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