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Your Partner In Payments

Unify all campus payments into one central platform to reduce risk and PCI compliance efforts.

Partner Community

Good for Business and Relationships.

Nothing is more important to our unified commerce strategy than growing a collaborative network of business partners that focus on serving colleges and universities. TouchNet’s list of partner companies is always growing. Partnerships with technology and service providers are the backbone of our staying in step with our customers’ expanding needs.

green_circleStrategic Partners

Student and Finance Systems

Each ERP facilitates its own partner program through which businesses must be invited to participate. TouchNet customers can be confident that all our solutions are fully compatible with our partner student and finance systems.

Banking Processors

Payment processors work for the card brands by offering online authorization and other credit card services. TouchNet is proud is be certified by our banking processor partners.

green_circleTouchNet Ready Partners

This unique vendor partnership creates an environment where payment transactions from many different campus software systems (such as Parking, Continuing Education, Housing, Fundraising, Ticketing, and Event Management Systems) are integrated to us and processed via one central, secure, PCI-compliant payment system.