Powerful Payments Platform

Managing payments within the landscape of today’s campus commerce.

Payment Center

Payment Center is an affordable, turnkey payments solution that helps you hold the line on transaction costs. It is designed specifically for colleges and universities. Payment Center is easy for staff, students, and constituents to use and integrates seamlessly with the campus student and finance systems. Payment Center helps you build a secure, compliant payment environment. It reduces the size of your institution’s PCI footprint while offering you the basic payment system functionality most often requested by colleges and universities. Payment Center secures your sensitive cardholder data to meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements. The Payment Center is hosted in the TouchNet PCI-DSS Compliant DataCenter and is a PA-DSS validated application.

And then, Payment Center gives you so much more. It offers you centralized management of your payment system through a single system dashboard. It is a scalable, deeply integrated, and expandable solution that unifies campuswide payments, offering a wide range of payment options, from credit cards and debit cards to electronic checks and bank wire transfers. Payment Center not only allows you to take payments securely and efficiently, but also offers you expandability to the full TouchNet U.Commerce platform. Plus, when you opt for Heartland Transaction Services with your Payment Center, you get RECON 1 built in. RECON 1 is a unique management software solution that streamlines reconciliation and enhances payment reporting.

Payment Gateway

TouchNet Payment Gateway is a secure, powerful, and scalable payment engine that drives campus commerce in the Payment Center. It is the heart of the U.Commerce system and is the bridge that connects campus merchants to the networks of electronic payment processors and campus ERP systems. Payment Gateway securely coordinates thousands of complex payment transactions with real-time technology, every day.

Student Account Center

Bill+Payment Account Center delivers basic electronic payment services for student accounts. It enables online student payments, parent pay, stored online payment profiles, access to real-time account balances, account activity, payments scheduled in advance, real-time posting of payments to the campus ERP system, and more.


RECON 1 is a unique answer to the complexities of payment administration and reporting. It unifies data from three key sources—ERP student and finance systems, Heartland payment processing, and TouchNet U.Commerce—into one payment reconciliation and data reconnaissance center. RECON 1 helps you streamline reconciliation, manage payment points, and accurately track and post payment costs.