Whether you choose Payment Plans or fully managed Payment Plans PLUS, our solutions offer transparent recordkeeping and automatically calculated payments that benefit you and your students.

Payment Plans | Tuition Installments

TouchNet Payment Plans is the paperless solution that lets you create, manage, and enroll students in tuition installment payment plans so you keep revenue on campus. Just imagine: hands-free payment plan administration, tailored plans to suit your diverse student population, student self-service and paperless enrollment. What’s more, by managing plans on campus, you can turn setup fees and late payment charges into additional campus revenue streams. Payment Plans lets a campus administer installment payments with real-time integration to the campus ERP system. It incorporates automatic recalculation of payment amounts when a student’s status changes and sends emails with notifications of account changes. It converts static payment plans to dynamic, real-time plans and it provides for automatic enrollment of students in new plans after they complete old plans.

Payment Plans PLUS | Managed Service

TouchNet Payment Plans PLUS is the fully managed payment service that keeps students on track. Payment Plans, now with managed PLUS service, provides transparent recordkeeping and automatically calculated payments. Your business office maintains complete visibility and oversight, while we handle day-to-day questions and support for students, parents and authorized users. Students see their entire real-time balance whenever they login to their account, and payment amounts and due dates are prominently displayed.

For Schools

  • Deep integration to student account information system
  • Positive impact on student experience, enrollment and retention
  • Leading payment software solution
  • Day-to-day service and support
  • Direct Settlement of Payments

For Students and Parents

An integrated, one-stop experience providing:

  • Self-service access
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Real-time posting of payments
  • Day-to-day service and support

Full Transparency, Real-Time Accuracy

TouchNet Payment Plans PLUS lets students pay their account balance or opt for payment plan enrollment. Our automated plan accurately reflects their total balance and provides real-time updates due to payments, financial aid disbursements and refunds. Plus, students and parents have any time, anywhere access. They are presented with current balances based on real-time student account information and each time a payment is applied, whether online, mailed to campus or as new charges are added, plans automatically update amounts due and notify payers.

TouchNet Payment Plan PLUS Benefits

  • Payment Methods – Students may pay using payment card (debit or credit), ACH or international bank transfer.
  • Self-Service Access – students, parents, and authorized users can enroll and manage their payment plans online through a single sign-on interface between the university student information system self-service and the TouchNet software platform.
  • Real-time Posting of Payments – student and authorized user payments are posted to the student account in real-time. No need to wait for batch files with updates.
  • Direct Settlement of Funds – with TouchNet Payment Plans PLUS, all payments collected are settled directly to the school’s bank accounts, eliminating weekly or monthly settlement periods. TouchNet does not collect or hold funds paid by students or their authorized users and as payments clear, they are automatically posted to the student information system.
  • Integrated Payment Plans – while colleges and universities may choose to offer students payment plans with estimated values for payment, Payment Plans PLUS pulls all eligible payment plan charges from the student account automatically and recalculate as changes occur.
  • Customer Service – TouchNet provides support directly to students and university staff. Live-agent customer service is available from 7 AM to 7 PM Central Standard Time (CST).