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Manage in-person payments on campus while providing centralized oversight and advanced customer service for students who have questions and need personal assistance with TouchNet Cashiering.


Now that students have web-based self-service tuition payments at their disposal, those who come to the business office are likely to have questions. As cashiering evolves to a more advisory role, Advisor pulls together student account information, payment information, financial aid, and campus card engagement in one place. Using the Advisor dashboard, the business office has access to a student’s complete profile, enabling personnel to access the data they need to answer questions in real time for maximum efficiency and a better student experience.

TouchNet Cashiering Advisor

Cashiering for the Business Office

TouchNet Cashiering - Business Office edition is a full-service solution that supports multiple cashier stations while communicating in real-time with the student information system. You can authorize and settle credit and debit card payments, validate ACH payments, scan and store checks and electronic signatures, print receipts and reports based on transaction activities, and more.

Cashiering for Campus Merchants

This PCI-compliant solution supports in-person and over-the-phone transactions for campus merchants outside the business office. It gives your cashiers flexibility when setting up their stations while ensuring PCI-compliant payment points across campus. Plus, it also simplifies daily reconciliation, provides advanced reporting capabilities and updates back-end records, such as General Ledger (G/L) accounts.

Web Departmental Deposits

Recording batch deposits doesn’t have to be the slog it has traditionally been. Now, campus departments can record their payment transactions in a web-based application and send the list to the business office with little or no help from a cashier, eliminating the need to reenter receipts.


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