Turn contract billing and payments into a business opportunity.


Employee-sponsored students should represent an opportunity for your campus — not extra paperwork for your business office. TouchNet® SponsorPoint eliminates the hassle of routine billing and collections for sponsored students — and automates statements, payments, and reconciliation by connecting students, sponsors, and schools.

SponsorPoint at a Glance

  • Sponsor Self-service

    SponsorPoint allows sponsors to see and manage the details of their account at their convenience, including activity by contract and student level, user access, and payment profiles.

  • Sponsor Account Management

    Sponsors can designate additional authorized users to view and pay on specific contracts and sponsorships.

  • SponsorPay

    Sponsors receive the convenience and flexibility to pay by different criteria, including account, contract, student, or detail, to create the reconciliation process that fits their business operation.

  • Contract Connection

    SponsorPoint connects the student, the sponsor, and the school. It makes it easier to capture sponsor agreements and student authorizations and send automated notifications and alerts. Through SponsorPoint, third-party sponsors finally can be treated as partners, not just as bill payers. They can become a long-term source of qualified students for your school.