Transaction Services

Combining your TouchNet U.Commerce platform with Heartland payment processing lets you streamline reconciliation, enhance security, simplify administration, and save time and money!

RECON 1: A New Way to Look at Campus Payments

If you’re frustrated with third-party payment processing solutions where reconciliation is difficult and transaction costs are hidden in confusing statements and industry jargon, then welcome to Transaction Services. Transaction Services and the unique RECON 1 data reconciliation and reconnaissance center are seamlessly combined in the TouchNet U.Commerce software platform. You can streamline the reconciliation of payments among student financials, payment systems, transaction processors, and bank accounts; simplify system setup; centralize your administrative view of transaction reports; enhance the security of payment data; and clarify your payment processing costs – just by making Heartland payment processing an integral component of your TouchNet U.Commerce platform. Welcome to the newest innovation in campus commerce!

Payment Processing Has Never Been So Easy!

RECON 1 is a unique solution to simplify payment administration and reporting. It unifies data from three key sources—campus ERP systems, Heartland payment processing, and TouchNet U.Commerce—into one easy to use data reconciliation and reconnaissance center. It’s available only by adding Heartland processing services to the TouchNet U.Commerce platform. Streamline reconciliation. View all payment data from one dashboard in U.Commerce Central. Easily analyze gross transaction amounts, net deposits, and associated processing fees; track data from high-level summaries to batch or even transaction details. View ACH returns information, too. You can even automate the posting of actual discount fees to your G/L accounts.

TouchNet + Heartland Gives You More…

  • Total Processing

    Accept and manage all of your credit, debit, and ATM (PIN) card transactions as well as Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions—whether online, mobile, or POS—in one comprehensive commerce system from one vendor.

  • MIDs-All-In

    Track payments from all campus merchants – every Merchant ID (MID) and every payment point. Even monitor transactions from swipe devices not yet integrated into your U.Commerce platform.

  • TrueCost+

    Gain an understanding of the true cost of your payment processing. Feel confident that you’ve limited your transaction costs to the true interchange fees plus fixed basis points – and easily find out what interchange fees were charged. Heartland doesn’t play games with your money.

  • Heartland Secure

PayPath Services

Credit card transactions aren't going away - but in many circumstances, you can make credit card processing fees virtually disappear. With PayPath® Services, colleges and universities can offer students, parents and sponsors the option to pay tuition and fees via credit card. Payers are charged an administrative and technology fee for using the service, and PayPath returns 100 percent of the tuition to the institution.

PayPath is structured to ensure your institution remains compliant with card association rules and regulations, while protecting your ability to offer lower-cost payment alternatives such as ACH and ATM Debit. Unlike other services, PayPath connects to the campus student information system in real time to update accounts - giving students immediate response to each payment action.