Management Dashboard

The insights our U.Commerce dashboard provide give you unparalleled vision into what’s happening on your campus.

U.Commerce puts data in your control

Does your bursar’s office research multiple apps and locations to view and gather information for critical reporting? Is your business office creating spreadsheets manually? Does high-level meeting preparation take unnecessary time away from other important tasks?

If these scenarios sound familiar, consider the advantages of centralized reporting. With U.Commerce, you enjoy one-stop, real-time access to data that gives you the important insights you need to drive success. Merchant transactions … partner data … year-over-year trends – it’s all there for every application connected to your management dashboard and completely configurable for your specific reporting needs.

The following are just a few examples of U.Commerce functionality that save time and provide the flexibility you need to make decisions based on all available data:

Easy-to-spot alerts

When a specific transaction or posting requires attention, the application dashboard immediately generates an alert, enabling you to quickly pinpoint and resolve issues.

Merchant groupings that make sense

Compare transaction types, merchants by campus location, sales by date and more with the merchant dashboard’s savable merchant sets.

At-a-glance partner statistics

Summary and comparison views within the TouchNet Ready View Dashboard give you the flexibility to compare partner activities for easier analysis.



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