Transaction Analytics

See payment patterns and gain data-driven insights you can use to save money and effectively allocate funding with our one-stop shop for reconciliation.

Payment insights made easy with RECON 1

How much are card transactions actually costing you? What is your most used payment method? Which campus merchants generate the most revenue?

Your ability to answer these questions impacts everything from accepted payment methods to space allocation across campus, which is why you need an analytics tool with the power and flexibility to help you understand every facet of campus payments. With its centralized ability to monitor payments across campus, RECON 1 is that tool.

Analytics you can understand

All the data in the world is useless if you can’t organize it to fit your needs. RECON 1 lets you filter by date, merchant, transaction type and more to produce customized reports that provide the answers you seek, including:

Overall effective rate

RECON 1 makes it easy to identify the percentage of fees against each transaction, making it easier to monitor profits.

Return management notifications

With supplemental information provided by Heartland, RECON 1's return management feature gives you prompt notification of returned or rejected payments. TouchNet can also assess fees to student accounts for such payments.

Accurate funding summaries

With RECON 1, you know exactly what gets paid in each deposit.

Out-of-network POS reporting

Do you have Heartland-owned POS devices on campus that aren’t connected to TouchNet U.Commerce solutions? RECON 1 provides added insights via reporting and easy reconciliation for these too.


PayPath offers students and parents the ability to pay tuition by credit card at no cost to your institution. By replacing credit card merchant fees with a supplemental student service or convenience fee, PayPath enables schools to offer the convenience of credit card payments and still receive 100 percent of tuition dollars. This and all TouchNet programs comply with card brand and association rules and connects payments to student information systems via real-time account updates.


RECON1 Advanced Transaction Management System

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