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Take secure attended payments everywhere on campus.

Marketplace POS

Marketplace Point-of-Sale (M-POS) is the newest addition to the TouchNet Marketplace Suite. M-POS opens the door to mobile in-person payments that are fully integrated into your core Marketplace platform. You now have unlimited flexibility to expand uStores and products and make them available for attended payments anywhere on campus. M-POS integrates seamlessly into key campus ERP student and finance systems. It is safe, secure, and designed for how Higher Education does business.

  • Mobilize Your Point-of-Sale

    M-POS allows you to take attended payments everywhere people pay on and off campus: conferences, camps, sporting events, donations, dues, parking, and more.

  • Secure Payments On-the-Go

    M-POS uses the latest mobile payment technology to deliver unparalleled capabilities in a user friendly way. Some of the advanced features of M-POS include:

    • P2PE (Point to Point Encryption) to protect cardholder information and potentially reduce PCI scope
    • EMV (Euro MasterCard Visa) ready
    • NFC (Near Field Communications) capable
    • Accepts credit and debit cards
    • Secure PIN pad for debit cards
    • Bar code reader for quick checkout transactions
  • Management In-the-Know

    It's easier than ever to stay in control of tracking and managing financial transactions everywhere money moves on campus. M-POS comes standard with TouchNet's new Device Management software. Device Manager enables checking in and out devices to different attendants and enabling/disabling the device remotely.