Payment Plans PLUS

Our fully managed payment plans free staff from day-to-day administration and provide students with tuition payment options that improve retention and help them stay focused on learning.

One-Stop Tuition Management

Unlike outsourced plans that offer one-size-fits-all solutions and limited transparency, Payment Plans PLUS gives students a complete overview of tuition, past payments, real-time updates and more in a single, school-branded location. Our fully managed solution also permits parents and guardians to sign up as authorized users, ensuring all parties have access to payment due dates and tuition balances.

Leave the Administrative Duties to Us

Payment Plans PLUS is a fully managed solution, so we provide all related customer service assistance — fielding questions, handling reminders, and managing paperwork — freeing your staff to provide more personalized student assistance.

Built-in Automation and Flexibility

Handling plan administration isn't the only labor-saving benefit to Payment Plans PLUS. Thanks to its hybrid software-plus-service model, schools can customize their solution to schedule payments, charge late fees, send automated reminders, and more.

Reduce your business office's workload and make tuition payments easier to make and manage with a single solution: Payment Plans PLUS.

Truth in Lending Act Compliant

The Truth in Lending Act (TILA) recognizes schools that enroll students in payment plans as creditors must disclose plan-related information to families. When you choose Payment Plans PLUS as your tuition payment solution, you also gain peace of mind knowing it's a compliant solution that can save your institution from unnecessary penalties down the road.


TouchNet Payment Plans PLUS

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TouchNet Payment Plans PLUS

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Payment Plans provide flexibiltiy during the COVID-19 pandemic and improve retention

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