U.Commerce is our unified platform designed to support colleges and universities as they balance competing needs to effectively manage their business and keep students safe on campus.

At a time when hybrid learning experiences — including both virtual and in-person — are emerging, U.Commerce delivers mobile-first strategies, reporting and analytics, and insight into student engagement to help identify trends, measure success, and inform decisions.

Our platform solution streamlines administrative access to complete student profiles and provides all-in-one student access to payments, credentials, and services that’s both flexible and secure. Additionally, U.Commerce offers refund options that meet students’ evolving needs and spotlights smart tools geared toward managing and measuring student success outside the classroom. It's easy to use, simple to license, highly secure, and integrates seamlessly so you can focus on your true mission, educating students.

Learn about the four core pillars
of our unified platform:


We are committed to driving best in class experiences across campus by combining innovation, usability, and accessibility to ensure our products and services can be easily and effectively used by everyone. 

Security & Compliance

Our platform solution ensures both people and payments across campus are secure. Access to secure areas is restricted, whether in person or online, and payments meet compliance standards.


Creating and managing the most comprehensive partner community in the payments and credentials space allows us to connect U.Commerce with student information systems and 230+ partners.


The platform approach enables access to complete, usable data and reports which is key to evaluating student engagement and outcomes used to determine success and run better business operations.


Discover the many PCI-compliant solutions your campus can use to take and manage payments.



Find out how you can ensure secure access campuswide with physical and digital campus IDs.



Explore the variety of reports and data available to manage campus operations and measure student engagement.