The dining solution you’ve been waiting for is here. OneCard VIP can unify your campus dining system to simplify processes, streamline operations and shorten meal lines.


Upgrade the student experience with our fully customizable dining app.

OrderAhead gives you the ability to control dining hall capacity, enable social distancing, throttle orders, and improve dining order flow with features that include:

  • Full administrative control
  • Seamless integration
  • Optional loyalty programs
  • Customizable reporting
  • And more

In addition, OrderAhead learns, predicts, and controls traffic and capacity at each location. It can even spot trends or analyze history to take the guesswork out of staffing, supply orders, and menu planning.

OrderAhead app

Meal Plans

OneCard provides individualized dining options and features such as:

  • Flexible meal plans
  • Up to eight meal periods per day with configurable time ranges
  • The setting of valid meal locations
  • Meal equivalences for use of meals at a la carte dining locations
  • The acceptance of declining balances
  • Automated reporting with our Task Scheduler

POS Solutions

Our robust Point of Sale solution (POS) is designed to work natively as part of the OneCard System and allows you to:

  • Process automatic discounts based upon card holder category
  • Streamline dining transactions to one terminal for meal plans, declining balance, cash credit and debit cards
  • Increase efficiency with a system designed specifically for campus dining
  • Define multiple POS product shifts for your different meal times
  • Utilize a wide array of connected devices such as barcode scanners, scales, patron displays, contactless card readers, kitchen displays and kitchen printers
  • Accept mobile transactions
  • Allow online and mobile ordering
  • Configure touchscreen keyboards to meet your needs
  • Group function keys together to provide intuitive operations for cashiers


Break out of the dining hall and accept OneCard payments at athletic events, concerts, theater productions, keynote speaker events and more.

Declining Balance

While declining balance has been used for meal plans for decades, its uses and functions have expanded well beyond dining. Now you can issue students a “closed loop” card that functions like a credit card but avoids the processing fees of a merchant card. Parents have the convenience of loading funds online for student flex spending (supplies, laundry, vending, coffee, etc.) along with the added benefit of spending accountability.


Case Study

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Case Study

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University of Missouri


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