Add Our Checklist to Your Contactless Campus Resources

9/29/2020 2:30:00 AM

If your institution is looking for solutions that complement social distancing efforts to make campus safer, there’s an abundance of contactless, hands-free, no-touch technologies from which to choose. Thanks to our Contactless Checklist, there’s also a great way to keep track of the solutions you’re interested in as you educate yourself.

The checklist is a great companion to our new ebook, Your Guide to a Contactless Campus. (In fact, we included a version on the final page.) As you read through the steps, mark any topic you want to follow up on — your instant outline provides a roadmap for additional research or talking points to share with colleagues.

TouchNet Contactless Checklist

If you’re attending TouchNet’s users conference, COMTEC 2020, this checklist will come in handy there too! Add these timely contactless campus sessions to your schedule:

  • OneCard Meal Plan Panel (student experience)
  • Your Path to a Contactless Campus Panel (student experience)
  • What's on the Contactless Dining Menu? (campuswide commerce)
  • OneCard Roadmap (solutions spotlight)
  • OneCard 7: Planning your update (product training)
  • OneCard: Mobile App Setup (product training)
  • Solution Showcase: OneCard (networking)
  • Birds of a Feather: OneCard Access (networking)
  • OneCard Cloud Migration (product training)

Pick up a great product tip in a training session? Discover details of another school’s success while networking? Jot them down! Your checklist will be a valuable reference tool once the conference ends and you’re back to the business of higher education.

Whether you read our ebook or Contactless Campus page, attend COMTEC sessions, use our Contactless Checklist as a reference tool, or some combination of them all, TouchNet is standing by to connect the dots, recommend solutions, and provide the information you need to make campus safer and keep students focused on learning.