U.Commerce Platform

U.Commerce is our unified platform designed to simplify the necessary, complex, and time-consuming tasks that colleges and universities must perform to run a campus.

Simplify the Complex

Colleges and universities put in a lot of work behind the scenes to ensure a student’s total higher education experience is successful—both inside and outside the classroom. By transforming tasks into seamless processes and services, TouchNet makes it easier for institutions to meet student expectations and concentrate on what matters most—the educational experience.

Greater Operational Efficiencies

Our platform-driven approach to payments and ID management enables greater operational efficiencies and self-service access to real-time information for students and staff. The U.Commerce platform ties every transaction and access point together, simplifying the business of higher education.

U.Commerce is grounded in four pillars which extend across the TouchNet solution stack, enabling business tasks to be transformed into streamlined processes and services. Learn more about the four core pillars of our unified platform:


We are committed to driving best in class experiences across campus by combining innovation, usability, and accessibility to ensure our products and services can be easily and effectively used by everyone. 


Creating and managing the most comprehensive partner community in the payments and ID management space allows us to connect U.Commerce with student information systems and 230+ partners.

Security & Compliance

Our platform solution ensures both people and payments across campus are secure. Access to secure areas is restricted, whether in person or online, and payments meet compliance standards.


The platform approach enables access to complete, usable data and reports, which is key to evaluating student engagement and outcomes used to determine success and run better business operations.

The pillars of our platform extend across the TouchNet solution stack, enabling business tasks to be transformed into streamlined processes and services.

Student Finance

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Campus Services

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ID Management

Find out how you can ensure secure access campuswide with physical and digital campus IDs.

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Merchant Services

Learn about the solutions that make merchant setup, management and reconciliation simpler.

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