Simplifying the Business
of Higher Education 

TouchNet is the leading provider of integrated, comprehensive and secure
commerce and credentials solutions for colleges and universities.

From secure, integrated payment and ID management solutions to actionable real-time data, TouchNet provides the tools and insights you need to help your institution run smoother and work smarter.

Student Finance

Our comprehensive portal simplifies payments acceptance for tuition, events, sponsor accounts, and more.

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Campus Services

Provide a convenient, secure, consistent transaction experience— anywhere, anytime, any way.

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ID Management

Get the ID management solution that revolutionizes campuswide access and student interaction at every touchpoint.

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Merchant Services

Keep your payment processing running smoothly with our cohesive, compliant, cost-effective service.

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Simplify the complex

Our U.Commerce platform approach enables greater operational efficiencies and self-service access to real-time information for students and staff. We tie every transaction and access point together, simplifying the business of higher education.
Grounded in these four pillars, our technology works simply and seamlessly behind the scenes so you can provide the best experience campuswide.

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PCI Explained

Read the eBook to gain PCI compliance know-how.

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Get the latest tips and trends related to the business of higher education.

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Our Partners

TouchNet is a longtime partner of major student and financial systems with higher education expertise

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