PCI Services

Offering institutions a path to protect sensitive payment data, achieve compliance, and reduce the annual overhead required for compliance documentation.

Better Security, Less Paperwork

PCI compliance protects the reputation and integrity of colleges and universities by ensuring cardholder data is secure. Because TouchNet products are built to be PCI compliant—and stay compliant as standards evolve—PCI Services can limit the scope of required compliance attestation and thereby reduce the load of annual documentation required. Campuses can focus their time and resources on growth initiatives, while maintaining the integrity of the institution’s data and avoiding the costs of security breaches.

Reduce Risk

Higher education is a high-profile target for cyber hacking and the financial costs and damage to reputation from a security breach are significant and lasting. When PCI Services are fully and accurately implemented, meeting PCI standards creates multiple layers of security that make it much more difficult for an attacker to gain access to payment data.

Simplify Compliance Validation

PCI Services works to simplify the process of proving that a campus is PCI compliant. Merchants using PCI Services who submit a Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) benefit from a more expedited and guided online experience due to alignment with TouchNet’s PCI compliant products.

Security and Compliance Resources

Because of the complexity, diversity, and quantity of payments on campus, security and compliance requires consistent attention and effort in many areas. PCI Services offers many ways to achieve security and compliance with multiple resources, including:

  • Self-service portal
  • Easy-to-use compliance reporting platform
  • Breach protection program
  • Access to PCI experts
  • PCI policy templates, FAQs, and resources
  • Quarterly vulnerability scans


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PCI Services

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