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Gen Z Wary of Student Loan Debt. Help Them Avoid it!

Tuesday, September 13 | 1-2 p.m. CST

As mobile natives, Gen Z has always existed with access to the internet and technology. In most cases, if they can’t do it from their mobile phone, they can’t do it. They range in age from 11 years old to 26. While 89% plan to attend college, they are extremely averse to debt and seek to avoid or minimize loans. 

In this session, gain insight into how students and families are paying for college and hear why tech-driven, tailored payment plans should be part of your solution. Understand how payment plans solutions deliver  options that help students avoid debt and discover best practices for administrative leaders to streamline plan oversight and management, reduce the need for collections, and keep student accounts current.

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Past webinars

You're Interested in Implementing Mobile Campus ID. Now What?

As with any transformational project, implementing a mobile version of your campus ID requires collaboration and planning across multiple divisions and offices across an institution. In this webinar, we visit with Joe Harting, Director of Campus Operations at Northern Arizona University, and Ryan Audus, Vice President of Product Strategy at TouchNet, to discuss what it takes to implement mobile ID technology for higher education and how it can take your campus experience to the next level.


Navigating the Sales and Procurement Process for Campus Card Programs

In this webinar, campus card leaders from the Colorado School of Mines and Emory University will share lessons learned as they worked to identify and procure new technologies for their programs. Explore how you can turn a vendor into a partner, encourage campus colleagues to lend expertise, and work within your institution’s procurement process. Presented by CampusIDNews, NACCU, and TouchNet.


Refunds: Options For All Use Cases

This webinar explores TouchNet’s refund options available through Payment Center and Bill+Payment. Our experts, Melissa Medeiros, manager of product management, and John Mealy, senior product manager, define each refund method, review the difference between refunds and Title IV disbursements, and explore the newest disbursement method, the Original Check Transaction (OCT). In addition, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of each refund method, including cost and timeline of funds availability. 


Feature Pack 8.4 Overview

Join the TouchNet product management team to explore Feature Pack 8.4 enhancements. We’ll provide a high-level overview of what's coming for each solution, including new footer capabilities to add your own branding and privacy policy for Bill+Payment and Marketplace. Newly certified Point of Sale devices will be explained, as well as features which expand the ability to use Canadian currency.


PCI & Payments, Everchanging

Need to get up to speed on PCI? This webinar will cover how to be successful with PCI DSS, PA-DSS, and how to prepare for the new Software Security Framework (SSF). In addition, we’ll define industry acronyms and focus on the fundamentals of PCI including SAQ's, P2PE, EMV, and more.


Feature Pack 8.3 Overview

TouchNet's product management team takes a first look at the most recent enhancements coming in Feature Pack 8.3 for TouchNet solutions. Explore the latest updates to help you make the most of them.


A 2022 Campus Roadmap: How a Tech-Forward Approach Improves Student Experience and Business Efficiencies

This webinar covers how automating your college campus can improve experience, efficiency, and security in 2022. Plus, we'll end with an informative Q&A session for further discussion of today’s ever-evolving campus technology needs.


2022 Update: Accepting ACH Payments is Changing

This webinar covers the new Nacha standards for validation and encryption: Supplementing Fraud Detection Standards for WEB Debits and the Supplementing Data Security Requirements, and what these changes mean for your institution. We discuss how Ellucian Payment Center by TouchNet integrates with Colleague and Banner to support the changes, enabling colleges and universities to demonstrate compliance with the new standards.


From Credentials to Apps, Mobile Shapes the Modern Campus 

Learn from Northern Arizona University and the University of Alberta as they share their experiences launching innovative mobile services on campus. Also, hear from TouchNet about the future of mobile tech on campus and see a demo of Touchnet's new 360U campus app.


Building a Campuswide Payment Experience with Colleague & TouchNet

Get an interactive and in-depth review of how Monmouth University simplified campuswide payments for the school, students, and merchants while streamlining administration, reconciliation, and managing recurring payments via Ellucian Payment Center and Marketplace by TouchNet.

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PCI-EZ, Better Security and Less Paperwork

Data breaches happen daily, and protecting your institution and students can be costly and labor intensive. Join Lakehead University and TouchNet to learn how the school's PCI-EZ approach to compliance reduces paperwork and delivers a better, more secure experience campuswide.

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Find Out How OCT Provides Fast Digital Student Refunds

Even before COVID-19 forced campuses to close, student refunds were complicated, regulated, and manual for Higher Ed institutions. CEO and Founder of Checkbook.io, PJ Gupta, explores how colleges and universities can build a refund program tailored to meet the needs of their institution and students.

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Take an Integrated Approach to Financial Literacy for Your Students

When students and families understand the inherent risk and financial implications associated with withdrawing from college, they're better equipped to make decisions. Learn more about the advantages and positive outcomes achievable when schools disclose refund and withdrawal policies.

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TransferMate Education — Adapting for International Students

From managing Covid-19-related refunds to employment trends, in this webinar our experts discuss the steps they've taken to adapt for international students. Listen on demand to learn more about the rapid shift to blending living and remote work, the changing environment during Covid-19 and how to maintain international student enrolment figures for the new academic year.

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Secure Refunding in the Digital Age

Explore refund methods (including digital refund options), learn about best practices and new regulations, and discover the latest NACHA regulatory information at this PDG webinar.

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Partnering to Protect: Boost Student Peace of Mind With GradGuard Tuition Protection

Even before 2020's spring campus closures, the American College Health Association reported $1.2 billion in student tuition investment was at risk. In this webinar, TouchNet's Chris Setcos and GradGuard's Derrick Shy discuss the growing awareness of the need for tuition protection resources and the advantages for students and schools available through the GradGuard Tuition Protection Program.

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Securing Transactions and Managing PCI Compliance in a COVID-19 World

Watch this webinar to hear TouchNet and our P2PE partner, Bluefin, discuss how COVID-19 has impacted the higher education payments landscape, best practices for keeping your payment environment secure, and the role of PCI DSS in times of unexpected change.

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How Redeemer University is Unifying Payment and Credential Experiences Across Campus

Learn how Ellucian Payment Center and Ellucian OneCard — both developed and delivered by TouchNet — are helping Redeemer by unifying payment and credential experiences across campus.

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