Learn from our subject matter experts on a variety of topics — including solution updates, important deadlines, and industry trends — all designed to keep you informed and up-to-date.

The Basics: Student Finance
Tuesday, June 18 | 1:00 pm CT

If you are new to the business office, student financial services, or higher education, or just need a payments refresher, this session will help solidify your understanding of business office payments. Join us to brush up on core student finance concepts, including a clear explanation of accepted payment options, relevant terminology, and the settlement process for student tuition and fees. Plus, we discuss the benefits of having one vendor for all your payment software and processing needs; and will end with a live Q&A.

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The Basics: Campuswide Commerce
Tuesday, July 16 | 1:00 pm CT

From purchasing tickets for the big game to grabbing those last-minute supplies for a lab, payers expect a convenient and secure payment experience.This session focuses on how a centralized approach to campuswide payments streamlines and simplifies your operations, reconciliation, and security. TouchNet product experts will discuss how to leverage the right tools, technologies, and best practices to meet expectations, support a variety of online and in-person transactions, and build a robust and efficient commerce program that supports the needs and preferences of all.

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On-demand webinars

The Basics: Campus Dining and Meal Plan Management

Whether you're new to managing dining and meal plan programs or looking for a refresher, this session will equip you with the knowledge to optimize your campus dining operations. Plus, stay to the end for a live Q&A with TouchNet OneCard experts.

In this webinar, learn the impact of campus dining on student life, the benefits of a unified system, and best practices for managing meal plans and dining options.

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Voice of the Student: Understanding Student Expectations for a Mobile Campus Experience

Join us for an insightful panel discussion featuring students from Sheridan College as they share their experiences and insights on the transformative benefits of launching Mobile IDs at their institution. Learn how mobile technology has enriched their experiences — from how they navigate campus resources, make purchases and utilize dining facilities and more, all from their mobile device.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and discover how Mobile IDs can revolutionize your institution's campus life, from student experience to attracting and retaining students..

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PCI DSS v 4.0 is Here: What Happens Now?

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) version 4.0 includes 53 new requirements that apply to all parties. This new global standard takes effect on March 31, 2024, with additional requirements that need to be met by March 31, 2025. These new standards address risks your institution currently faces—payment fraud, security vulnerabilities, vendor management, etc.—so the sooner you can achieve compliance, the better!

Join us for an overview of the PCI DSS v 4.0 updates and learn how to assess your institution’s present security posture. We’ll discuss best practices for mitigating risk, TouchNet’s approach to compliance, and TouchNet Ready Partner impacts. In addition, we’ll explore how the updates and changes affect campuses and what we’re doing to help your campus meet these new guidelines.

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Reducing Payment Risk with Fraud Prevention Tools

The digitization of payments brought speed and ease to processing, but bad actors continue to find new and clever ways to launder, hack, and phish payment and user data – costing institutions millions of dollars, not to mention reputation damage. This has led to increased security measures and compliance standards by governing bodies, legislators, and the payments industry. Fraud attempts directed at colleges and universities increased by nearly 200% since 2020. While universities are prime targets, taking a platform approach to your payment environment helps mitigate security risks and improve compliance management.

During this session, our presenters will walk through the strategy of taking a platform approach to payments on campus. We’ll share how this enterprise-level strategy helps institutions centralize controls, reporting, reconciliation, and compliance efforts while providing fraud mitigation tools that you can implement today on your campus.

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Beyond a Simple Payment: Benefits of TouchNet's Integrated Payment Center

When it comes to accepting an online payment, there are lots of options for a simple payment page. But higher education payment needs are not simple, and students increasingly expect better experiences.

This webinar covers how TouchNet Payment Center for Anthology provides institutions with a streamlined experience for the payer and simplified management for the staff. Learn about TouchNet’s integration with Anthology Student, the student experience in TouchNet Payment Center, robust features including payment plans, consent manager, refunds management, and more; and hear from Lourdes University’s about their experience working with Anthology and TouchNet.

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The Basics: Campus Services Compliance

If you’re the person responsible for payments compliance on your campus, you know how complex it is. Transactions are happening all over campus with multiple locations accepting many different payment methods via numerous payment channels. Do you know what your full scope of compliance exposure really is?

This complimentary webinar will review the various governing bodies and their associated rules and regulations for each payment method. Our compliance expert will discuss common compliance concerns among higher education institutions, and share the benefits of implementing a proactive, ongoing compliance program. Attendees will leave with a list of questions to help them assess their compliance exposure and to reduce their compliance scope.

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Going Mobile with Apple and Android

Mobile student IDs are transforming the campus to become a truly contactless experience. This session focuses on what goes into implementing a mobile ID solution, from initial assessments of mobile-readiness to operational changes and marketing on launch day. Hear first-hand from leaders that have rolled out OneCard mobile IDs for Apple and Android on their campus, including lessons learned and tips and tricks to have a successful transition to a mobile-first campus ID.

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Are Your Billing Practices Impacting Student Retention?

Good or bad, everything from accessibility to payment instructions, course registration and billing due dates, payment methods, payment options, and more, could have an effect on student retention. Further, many institutions' enrollment strategies is not only to diversify the groups they recruit but expand and diversify their degree offerings to include graduate, online, continuing education and certifications. Are different billing practices applied to these different types of students, for what reasons, and do the results differ?

Fitchburg State has initiated research on these topics on their campus and is working with other institutions to expand their study. Join Fitchburg State and Salem State for an interactive discussion on the impact of billing practices on student retention.

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Unlocking the Power of your Card System Data 

Campus card systems capture a lot of information about what’s happening on your campus. This treasure trove of data holds insights and opportunities, but the challenge is knowing where to start and how to use the mountain of data to inform business decisions across campus. Join Jennifer McNeil from the University of Alberta to hear what data points they’re focused on and how they use it to ensure student wellness, understand facility and space usage, identify cost savings in campus dining halls and more. Also, Jennifer will offer a clear path to help you develop a consistent process to capture and report data and demonstrate the importance of bringing disparate systems together for a comprehensive view.

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Elevating the Payment Experience with Strategic Integrations

In this webinar, leaders from the University of Missouri System and Clark University share their experiences with integrated tech solutions that have elevated their overall payments environment. Listen in to learn how they use TouchNet payment solutions to seamlessly integrate cross-campus payments into the general ledger; and the benefits of adding TouchNet Strategic Partners such as TransferMate to improve the international payments experience and GradGuard to help students protect their investment in higher education through tuition insurance.


A One-Stop View of the Student: It's a Game Changer 

In this webinar, Robyn Bongartz from Wichita State University shares how TouchNet’s Student Account Advisor provides a holistic, real-time view of a student’s complete financial account and engagement profile. By integrating Student Account Advisor with their SIS, she’ll walk through how bringing together financial aid information, academic records, payment preferences and authorizations, and more, not only enhances customer service, but drastically reduces time spent searching other systems for needed information. Additionally, you will see how this one-stop solution can support the campus beyond the bursar's office to provide university staff with the same quick access to a comprehensive student view.


Strong Relationships Vital to Successful Technology Solutions 

In this session, representatives from TouchNet, Ellucian, and the University of Alaska system discuss how human factors paired with sophisticated software can elevate the student and staff experiences. We dig into common challenges of operating enterprise level solutions, such as student information systems and payments and financial programs, across multiple teams, departments, and campuses. Additionally, we cover how to avoid operational pitfalls such as slow response times and inefficient processes by building strong relationships with your technology providers and developing systemwide governance for using the technology across your institution.


Why Aren’t You Hosting Your Transaction System in the Cloud?

As with many industries, colleges and universities are facing an unprecedented staffing crisis and institutions are turning to technology to help fill the gaps. By automating manual tasks and collapsing business processes via technology solutions, administrators can refocus staff and resources on more critical student needs. Join Mohawk College, CampusIDNews, and TouchNet for a candid conversation of how technology can deliver operational efficiencies across campus to support both auxiliary services and budget pressures.


Gen Z Wary of Student Loan Debt. Help Them Avoid it!

In this session, gain insight into how students and families are paying for college and hear why tech-driven, tailored payment plans should be part of your solution. Understand how payment plans solutions deliver  options that help students avoid debt and discover best practices for administrative leaders to streamline plan oversight and management, reduce the need for collections, and keep student accounts current.


You're Interested in Implementing Mobile Campus ID. Now What?

As with any transformational project, implementing a mobile version of your campus ID requires collaboration and planning across multiple divisions and offices across an institution. In this webinar, we visit with Joe Harting, Director of Campus Operations at Northern Arizona University, and Ryan Audus, Vice President of Product Strategy at TouchNet, to discuss what it takes to implement mobile ID technology for higher education and how it can take your campus experience to the next level.


Navigating the Sales and Procurement Process for Campus Card Programs

In this webinar, campus card leaders from the Colorado School of Mines and Emory University will share lessons learned as they worked to identify and procure new technologies for their programs. Explore how you can turn a vendor into a partner, encourage campus colleagues to lend expertise, and work within your institution’s procurement process. Presented by CampusIDNews, NACCU, and TouchNet.


How a Tech-Forward Approach Improves Student Experience and Business Efficiencies

This webinar covers how automating your college campus can improve experience, efficiency, and security. Plus, we'll end with an informative Q&A session for further discussion of today’s ever-evolving campus technology needs.


Building a Campuswide Payment Experience with Colleague & TouchNet

Get an interactive and in-depth review of how Monmouth University simplified campuswide payments for the school, students, and merchants while streamlining administration, reconciliation, and managing recurring payments via Ellucian Payment Center and Marketplace by TouchNet.

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2022 Update: Accepting ACH Payments is Changing

This webinar covers the new Nacha standards for validation and encryption: Supplementing Fraud Detection Standards for WEB Debits and the Supplementing Data Security Requirements, and what these changes mean for your institution. We discuss how Ellucian Payment Center by TouchNet integrates with Colleague and Banner to support the changes, enabling colleges and universities to demonstrate compliance with the new standards.


From Credentials to Apps, Mobile Shapes the Modern Campus 

Learn from Northern Arizona University and the University of Alberta as they share their experiences launching innovative mobile services on campus. Also, hear from TouchNet about the future of mobile tech on campus and see a demo of Touchnet's new 360U campus app.