In FOCUS, our biweekly podcast, host Heather Richmond, Vice President, Marketing at TouchNet, talks with campus personnel and industry leaders about technology-driven issues facing today's higher learning institutions.

Episode 401: The Changing Role of the Chief Business Officer (CBO) in Higher Education

Susan Whealler Johnston, President and CEO - NACUBO

Heather and Susan discuss how the role of the Chief Business Officer (CBO) is evolving as higher ed institutions look towards the future.

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Episode 402: How Robots are Reshaping the Campus Experience

Chris Neider, Senior Manager of Business Development - Starship Technologies

Chris shares all about Starship's autonomous delivery robots that are taking over campuses and creating more convenience for students and visitors.

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Episode 403: Improving Payment Operations with Georgetown University

Rico Marea, Assistant Vice President of Revenue, Receivables and Payables - Georgetown University

Georgetown University’s Rico Marea talks about their transition from paper checks and processes to digital payments.

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Episode 404: Understanding Gen Z's Expectations and Behaviors

Hana Ben-Shabat, Founder - Gen Z Planet

Hana Ben-Shabat, a leading expert on Gen Z, shares about Gen Z's core values and how that’s shaping their campus experience.

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Episode 405: Addressing Stranded Credits to Create Win-Win Solutions

James Ward, Senior Researcher - Ithaka S+R

In this episode, we discuss data surrounding the topic of stranded credits from Ithaka S + R’s Senior Researcher, James Ward.

Airs on July 5

Episode 406: Streamlining Payments for Campuswide Compliance with College of Charleston

David Katz, Treasurer - College of Charleston

Learn from College of Charleston's David Katz how they have maximized TouchNet's platform to simplify how they manage cross-campus payments.

Airs on July 19

Episode 407: Understanding the New PCI Standards for Higher Ed

Walid Barakat, Senior Vice President, IT Governance, Risk and Compliance - Global Payments

In this episode, we learn from compliance expert, Walid Barakat, about the new standards being implemented by the PCI Council and how it impacts the higher ed industry.

Airs on August 2

Episode 408: Modernizing Payments with Canberra Institute of Technology

Karl Caig, Director of Corporate Services - Canberra Institute of Technology

CIT's Karl Caig joins us to discuss how Canberra Institute of Technology modernized their payments systems by replacing an outdated legacy system, and the benefits they've seen for students and staff with a payments solution tailored for higher ed.

Airs on August 16