See payment patterns and gain data-driven insights you can use to save money and effectively allocate funding with our one-stop shop for reconciliation.

Transaction ROI

Our reconciliation software, RECON1, is designed to help higher education business offices understand every facet of campus payments. It is a powerful and flexible analytics tool that unifies data from your campus student information system, our payment processing service, and other U.Commerce solutions. With its centralized ability to monitor payments across campus, you can analyze, reconcile, and evaluate campus payments to gain important insights. Armed with this data, institutions can easily identify the percentage of fees against each transaction, making it simpler to monitor profits.

Dashboard View

Get big picture information through a variety of easy-to-use dashboards to view transaction activity. By using filters to sort by date, time range, transaction number, and Merchant ID, you can organize the data to fit your needs and produce reports that provide the answers you seek. Quickly find specific information through search and export results to see the true cost of your payment processing in one convenient place. Dashboards include:

  • Payment Processing
  • Effective Rate Summary
  • Batch Summary
  • Return Management
  • Funding Summary
  • Out of Network MIDs


Drill down into additional information for in-depth transaction details and easier analysis. RECON1 is the tool to help you understand what is happening with payments across your campus.

  • Analyze the actual cost of your card transactions to more easily monitor profits and understand your overall effective rate
  • See which merchants have chargeback return rates and may need action taken
  • Discover which campus merchants generate the most revenue
  • Know exactly what gets paid in each deposit for accurate funding summaries


  • Streamline reconciliation
  • View all payment data from one dashboard in U.Commerce Central 
  • Receive notifications of credit card chargebacks, and ACH returns and rejections
  • Real-time updates to the SIS
  • Assess fees to student accounts for returns
  • Automate the posting of actual discount fees to your G/L accounts



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