Third-Party Payments

Streamlined third-party account management with contract transparency.

A Better Way to Manage Third-Party Payments

When it comes to tuition payments, students sponsored by employers, governments, and other third parties don’t fit the traditional student model. And while they represent a valuable source of revenue for many schools, they can also create extra work for the business office, not to mention the sponsor. It doesn’t have to be this way. SponsorPoint features automated statements, payments, and reconciliation to make sponsored students’ billing and payments easier.

Automated Billing & Payments

With Third-Party Payments, institutions can create and manage all billing electronically. Statements, payments, and reconciliation is automated, eliminating manual processes and reducing business office paperwork. The easy-to-use interface means efficiency and clarity is at your fingertips.

Convenient Account Management

Self-service options allow third-parties to see and manage the details of their account at their convenience–including activity by contract and student class schedules. Third-parties can view bills and manage payments and agreements. Student authorizations are easily captured, and notifications and alerts are automated.

Easy Payment Processing

Billing details for each student are easily accessed, so you know which student accounts have been paid and which have an outstanding balance. Administrative staff can manage the billing and payment process on or offline, regardless of payment method, streamlining reconciliation.


Eliminate the hassle of routine billing and collections for sponsored students while automating statements, payments, and reconciliation with SponsorPoint.

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