Payment Plans

Offer tuition installment payment plans to help students avoid debt while sustaining revenue and reducing collections.

Spread Tuition Payments Out

With Payment Plans, it’s easy to schedule, budget, and make tuition payments on time and interest free. The self-service portal gives a complete overview of tuition, past payments, real-time updates, and more. The solution also permits students to sign up parents and guardians as authorized users, ensuring all parties have access to payment due dates, activity, and account balances.

Flexible and Tailored Plan Options

Payment Plans enable administrators to create and manage tuition installment plans. Institutions can tailor the system to schedule payments, charge service and late fees, send automated reminders and notifications, and more. Students and authorized users can enroll in plans in just a few minutes and make payments directly from a bank account, credit card, or international bank transfer.

Real-Time Integration

Installment payments integrate in real time with campus Student Information Systems (SIS) for day-to-day payment settlement. This allows for payment plan recalculation as activity on the student account occurs. The system will automatically adjust the plan installments, save a complete disclosure reflecting plan changes, and notify the user.

Reporting and Messaging

Administrators can view payment plan reports to monitor for trends and react with timely alerts and reminders. Students avoid defaulting, account holds, and the process of re-enrolling, while institutions maintain revenue flow and sustain enrollment. Administrators have access to user activity to immediately track down changes or issues in the account, allowing them to quickly problem-solve and clearly communicate the resolution process.

Payment Plans PLUS

For hands-free payment plan management, we also offer Payment Plans PLUS. Reduce business office staff workload and provide students with payment options that improve retention by outsourcing the day-to-day management of payment plans.

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Payment Plans

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Payment Plans

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