Merchant Services

TouchNet Merchant Services simplifies the management of merchant accounts with centralized systems and support to keep payment processing running smoothly.

Simplified Set-Up and Maintenance

TouchNet Merchant Services helps reduce the complexity of managing your institution's merchant accounts — a centralized system to manage all payments, reconciliation and software. TouchNet is uniquely equipped to support higher education with card and ACH acceptance. By leveraging our merchant services solutions your institution gains the customer support needed to manage software, merchant services, reconciliation questions, and more. The streamlined reconciliation and compliance assurance across payment channels keeps payments flowing smoothly, simplifying the business of education. Institutions have the ability to leverage our extensive relationships with processors, along with our expertise to help configure merchant account setup and creation of exception rules — bringing all merchant accounts under one system to find answers quickly and accurately.

Improved MID Management

Get guidance on how to structure Merchant IDs (MIDs) and payment acceptance processes to achieve the lowest interchange costs while simplifying reconciliation and PCI reporting. Reducing the number of MIDs on campus lowers your overall PCI paperwork requirements. By consolidating MIDs, institutions can easily match deposits to the correct department or revenue channel for easy tracking and faster reconciliation.

Payment Processing

Accept and manage all of your transactions—whether online, mobile, or in person—in one comprehensive payments system from one vendor.

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Offer the ability to pay for tuition and other qualified services by credit card at no cost to the institution.

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We don't just give you data — we also help you organize it to reduce cost, monitor profits, and keep your campus running smoothly.

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Our compliance services means payment security is maintained, payment data is protected, and compliance is simplified.

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