Student Account Advisor

Provide centralized oversight and advanced customer service to students who have questions and need personal assistance with Student Account Advisor.

Student Account Dashboard

With more students paying online, Student Account Advisor — the newest solution in the U.Commerce 8 platform — embraces the growing advisor role of traditional cashiers.

By pulling in information from TouchNet solutions and your Student Information System (SIS), Student Account Advisor provides one-stop access to the student’s financial footprint on campus. Using the Student Account Advisor dashboard, the business office has access to a student’s complete profile, enabling personnel to access the data they need to deliver real-time answers, respond with maximum efficiency, and provide a better student experience.

Dashboard visibility includes:

  • Student account information
  • Payment information
  • Financial aid
  • OneCard balance
  • Authorized users and permissions

Integrate Student Information and TouchNet Systems

Student Account Advisor lets you retrieve important information pertaining to the student account regardless of where data is stored:

  • Account balances within your SIS or TouchNet OneCard
  • Holds with status and description
  • Student demographics, including academic information and class schedules
  • Consent management with history, status, and agreement view
  • Notification settings indicating student communication preferences as well as login activity

Transaction Insights

Whether accepting payments at the business office or over the phone, transaction details can be quickly accessed and viewed with Student Account Advisor.

  • Payment history
  • Statements
  • Scheduled payments
  • Saved and preferred payment methods
  • Refund profile

Additionally, for those offering payment plans, you can easily view a student’s remaining balance, due date, status, and amount details.

Connecting the Dots with Student Account Advisor

Thanks to its ability to communicate in real time with student information systems, Student Account Advisor lets your business office spot trends in payments, balances, and more. By recognizing potential problems and offering solutions — such as offering a payment plan for late payments — staff can provide individual customer service that helps students adjust to campus, feel welcome, and be more engaged.


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