Compliance is built-in to U.Commerce solutions, meeting or exceeding PCI, card brand, and association rules.

Continual Compliance

Achieving and maintaining compliance is a significant undertaking, especially given the size and complexity of today’s campuses and the multiple payment points, methods, and channels involved. Our U.Commerce software solutions are compliant and built to stay compliant as standards evolve. By protecting sensitive data, we reduce scope, compliance overhead, and regulatory paperwork, giving you peace of mind that comes from having a secure, end-to-end compliance solution in place. Additional compliance benefits:

  • Reduce liability and scope
  • Simplify management
  • Develop comprehensive policies and processes

Improved MID Management

Get guidance on how to structure Merchant IDs (MIDs) and payment acceptance processes to achieve the lowest interchange costs while simplifying reconciliation and PCI reporting. Reducing the number of MIDs on campus lowers your overall PCI paperwork requirements. By consolidating MIDs, institutions can easily match deposits to the correct department or revenue channel for easy tracking and faster reconciliation.

PCI Services

Discover a path to protect sensitive payment data, achieve compliance, and reduce the annual overhead required for compliance documentation. Verifying your compliance with Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC), known as attesting, is a time consuming process made simpler by TouchNet’s PCI Services.

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PCI Services

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