SponsorPoint streamlines institutions' and sponsors' account management, providing contract transparency with simplified invoicing and payments.

Connecting Students, Sponsors, and Institutions

Organization-sponsored students should represent opportunities for your campus—not extra paperwork for your business office. SponsorPoint eliminates the hassle of routine billing and collections for sponsored students, and automates statements, payments, and reconciliation by connecting students, sponsors, and institutions.

Simplified Payment Processing

In SponsorPoint, billing details for each student are easily accessed, so you know which student accounts have been paid and which have an outstanding balance. Administrative staff can:

  • Create online statements
  • Post payments using sponsor-provided remittance
  • Manage the billing and payment process online
  • Streamline reconciliation

Accurate, Efficient Sponsor Recordkeeping

Self-service options allow sponsors to see and manage the details of their account at their convenience, including activity by contract and student class schedules. Every student is itemized within a sponsor's contract, so sponsors can see all fees tied to each student—and pay either full balance or by detailed item. Sponsors can:

  • View statements and payment history
  • Manage account details and sponsor user profiles
  • Make credit, debit, ACH, check, or wire payments with SponsorPay®
  • Use remittance forms to specify payment intent
  • Verify enrollment and review class schedules

Easy-to-Use Interface

The student, sponsor, and institution are connected in SponsorPoint, providing efficiency and clarity at your fingertips. Dynamic online billing, seamless ERP contract integration, and the ability to accept remittance payments means:

  • Invoices are processed more quickly and payments arrive and post faster
  • Billing is more accurate since manual processes are eliminated
  • Information is easily shared among internal departments
  • Third-party billing process costs are reduced
  • Notifications and alerts are automated
  • Sponsor agreements and student authorizations are easily captured



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