Handling payments for all of the departments, organizations, and merchants on campus can be overwhelming. Let Marketplace bring some calm to the chaos.

Customizable Digital Storefront Management

With Marketplace, campus entities can easily create, manage, and operate online storefronts, registration sites, and secure payment pages featuring:

  • Unlimited storefront capacity
  • A flexible product database
  • An integrated inventory management system
  • Omnichannel solutions


Marketplace uStores let students, parents, alumni, etc. shop online, register for events, or make donations anytime, anyplace. As they do, Marketplace automatically updates the G/L accounts in the campus finance system.

Other features include:

Single Checkout

Use one shopping cart and a single checkout for purchases from multiple stores.


Marketplace works for online sales event registrations, continuing education, memberships, donations, parking passes, merchandise, library fines, athletic tickets, study abroad programs, and more.

Custom Storefronts

Customize individual stores with branded style sheets, images, layouts, pricing, promotions, etc.

Recurring Payments and Donations Options

Allow for one-time or recurring payments, donations, fees, etc.

Store Promotions

Offer promotional codes for dollar-amount or percentage discounts over a specified time period.

Update Finance Systems

Feed transactions to your ERP finance system and assign codes to individual stores, products, or sites.


If your campus already has web-based, front-end applications but they can’t take payments, Marketplace uPay can provide secure, PCI-compliant payment processing that moves campus-wide payments into one centralized, certified payment system. uPay collects all the payment information in a secure environment, updates the G/L, and returns it to the original app.

Marketplace Point-of-Sale

Mobilize your POS to wherever you need it and accept secure in-person payments anywhere on or off campus including conferences, camps, sporting events, donations, dues, parking and more. MPOS uses the latest mobile payment technology to deliver unparalleled capabilities in a user-friendly way. The solution’s advanced features include:

  • P2PE to protect cardholder information and potentially reduce PCI scope
  • Near Field Communications (NFC) capable
  • Accepts credit and debit cards
  • Secure PIN pad for debit cards
  • Barcode reader for quick checkout transactions
  • Countertop or mobile device options

MPOS also comes with Device Management software so you can check devices in and out and enable or disable them remotely.

Platform Reporting

Platform Reporting aggregates data from Marketplace and the Payment Gateway to provide flexible dashboards enabling analysis and reconciliation. Dashboards can be scheduled for email delivery and exported in a variety of formats for further analysis.

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