Student Engagement

When you have a wealth of student data available, you can help them succeed in ways you never imagined.

Measuring Student Success Outside the Classroom

Conventional higher education methods and measurements have traditionally focused on academic learning. But today there is growing acceptance that non-cognitive and social emotional skills are also critical to students’ success. As a result, more schools are highlighting higher engagement rankings as better indicators of student learning, graduation rates, and career achievement.

With consensus reached that engagement in education matters, the obvious question is how to quantify it. That’s where student data comes in handy. As more residence halls switch to keyless entry and growing numbers of students use their phones for everything from class check-ins to lab access to bookstore payments, technology translates these activities into actionable data that yields insights schools can use throughout the student life cycle.

By switching from siloed applications to centralized TouchNet solutions, your institution can gain a truer picture of student engagement on your campus.

OneCard Lets You Customize Functionality and Data

Our OneCard credentialing and declining balance card gives you data on check-ins, attendance, payments and more, giving you insights into campus-wide engagement. On the individual level, an underused meal plan or bus pass can help administrators recognize students who may need help acclimating to college life.

From a planning perspective, analyzing which services and facilities students use most can help administrators allocate spending most effectively to meet existing student expectations and attract incoming freshmen.

OneCard data

Connecting the Dots with Cashiering Advisor

Thanks to its ability to communicate in real time with student information systems, the Advisor dashboard lets your business office spot trends in attendance, payments, and more. By recognizing potential problems and offering solutions – such as schedule changes to improve attendance or identifying transportation solutions for auxiliary campus classes — staff can provide individual customer service that helps students adjust to campus, feel welcome, and be more engaged.

Bill+Payment Offers Financial Health Transparency

Money is the top reason students leave college, which underscores why Bill+Payment is such a valuable tool for students and schools alike. By providing full transparency and real-time access to account balances and simplifying disbursement of financial aid and student refunds, Bill+Payments gives students and parents the convenience and self-service access they expect.

On the business office side, administrators can use Bill+Payments data to spot late payment trends and suggest payment plans to ease students’ financial burdens and keep them focused on learning.

Overcoming Obstacles with RecoverySelect

Regardless of performance or engagement, higher education students sometimes encounter financial obstacles that interfere with completing their degrees. ECSI's RecoverySelect solution integrates seamlessly with TouchNet software to provide schools with a student-friendly approach to managing past due balances.

RecoverySelect gives students who fall behind a pathway to success and can increase student retention by 25 percent while reducing college and university administrative workload by up to 75 percent.


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