Transaction Services

TouchNet Transaction Services are designed and optimized for higher education. We coordinate account set up with your business office, optimize your solutions for cost-effectiveness, and work with schools enrolled in PCI-EZ to ensure compliance.

Payment Processing

TouchNet Payment Processing

TouchNet Payment Processing enables you to accept and manage all of your transactions — whether online, mobile, or POS — in one comprehensive commerce system from one vendor.

Through our Global Payments and Heartland processing platform, we offer solutions for:

  • Credit and debit card acceptance
  • PayPath
  • ACH
  • Bank wires


PayPath offers students and parents the ability to pay tuition by credit card at no cost to your institution. By replacing credit card merchant fees with a supplemental student service or convenience fee, PayPath enables schools to offer the convenience of credit card payments and still receive 100 percent of tuition dollars. This and all TouchNet programs comply with card brand and association rules and connects payments to student information systems via real-time account updates.


Wire Payments

Wire payments

For international students who prefer to pay with their native currencies, TouchNet Transaction Services enable you to integrate wire transfers into your payment flow and leverage real-time U.Commerce integration with your student information systems.


RECON 1, our reconciliation software designed for higher education business offices, unifies data from three key sources: your campus student information systems, our payment processing service, and TouchNet U.Commerce. It brings them all into one easy-to-use data reconciliation and reconnaissance center allowing you to:

  • Streamline reconciliation
  • View all payment data from one dashboard in U.Commerce Central
  • Easily analyze gross transaction amounts, net deposits, and associated processing fees
  • View ACH returns information and update the SIS
  • Automate the posting of actual discount fees to your G/L accounts.
RECON 1 effective rate screen



PCI-EZ offers a sensible approach to protecting sensitive data and managing the complexities of PCI compliance. Enrolled schools enjoy reduced overhead, less paperwork, and the peace of mind that comes from having a secure, end-to-end solution compliance in place.

Schools that meet the requirements of point-of-sale brand exemption programs can eliminate time-consuming Self-Assessment Questionnaires completely, saving time and freeing staff to offer students more personalized help and assistance.


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