360u App

360u serves as the single point of access for students to manage the entire campus experience.

Single Native Mobile App

360u connects students, staff, and faculty to essential campus systems with a single sign-on; including secure access to buildings, check in to class, register for activities, and navigate to locations on campus. Students and families can also add funds to a closed loop, declining balance account to make purchases across campus via uWallet. With 360u, campus administrators are able to manage a broad range of permissions, privileges, and financial authorizations required on campus.

Improving the Student Experience

Our contactless campus credential transforms how students interact with your campus at nearly every access point. A validated, PCI-compliant, payment application, 360u supports retail and point-of-sale transactions, providing a true cashless campus. Through the easy to use app on their phone, students can:

  • Access dorms or other secured entry
  • Dine with their meal plan or vending
  • Browse, register and purchase event tickets
  • Check in to class and events
  • Navigate campus
  • Add events and services to calendar
  • Manage funds
  • Opt-in to receive financial alerts such as low meal card balance
  • Receive campus communications and event notifications

Compatible with Mobile ID for Apple and Android

For your students, faculty, and staff to add their mobile ID to an Apple or Android device, your campus ID solution must be part of your university's app. With the click of a button, they can add their OneCard Campus ID to an Apple or Android device from the app. Once added, users can easily gain access to secure campus areas and make purchases across campus. Using a mobile ID requires fewer clicks and provides a smooth, contactless experience.

Flexible Provisioning Options

OneCard Campus ID provides flexibility by meeting you where you are based on your mobile app strategy. We enable mobile ID provisioning two ways:

360u App — Need an app that works campuswide? We've got you covered. With OneCard Campus ID in 360u, students can add their mobile ID to Apple and Android devices. Then, they can tap their phone to card readers to access buildings, register for events, and make purchases across campus.

Existing University App — Already have a mobile app on campus? That's great. We have an integration package that incorporates OneCard Campus ID in your institution's existing app. This allows your students to use their mobile ID on their Apple or Android device.

Administrative Management

Administrative staff can set user privileges, determining who has access to residence halls, classrooms, labs, dining halls, and other secure areas. They can easily grant or revoke access, controlling traffic and capacity at each location. Administrators also have the ability to add campus notifications to 360u, making it easy to communicate with students. TouchNet’s 360u app increases student self-service, freeing up staff time to focus on other priorities.

Strengthening Student Connections

360u encourages continuous use by providing speed, convenience, and flexibility. Never without their phone, students can receive notifications through an institution's mobile app as well as campus alerts, increasing participation and deepening their engagement with your institution.


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