Integrate your current security program with OneCard Access and keep your campus safer for students, faculty, staff, and facilities.

Lock Integration

OneCard Access offers lock integration featuring:

  • Several options for door hardware, including wired, wireless, electronic strike, magnetic locks, biometric readers and mobile applications
  • A variety of card types available including standard mag stripe and state-of-the-art smart cards featuring DESFire encoding
  • The ability to consolidate security controls from a single controller for multiple doors
  • Control even in off-line conditions — all door controllers automatically store lists of authorized persons and access history
  • Detailed reports of your alarm and access history, including information about the cardholder, location, date and time of entry, and denied access attempts

Permission-Based Groups

With Permission-Based Groups, only students, faculty, staff, and registered guests to whom you assign access are allowed in residence halls, classrooms, labs, and other secure areas using their OneCard contactless credential.



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