Payment Solutions

When you need to make a payment on campus, our secure, compliant suite of payment solutions offer a variety of payment methods and channels and are easy to use for students, parents, and staff.

Payment Center

Our expandable payment environment allows you to offer a wide range of payment options while keeping your data compliant and secure.

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Expand student services and streamline business operations with our comprehensive payment portal for student accounts.

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Student Account Advisor

One-stop access to students' financial footprint on campus.

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Eliminate the hassles of routine billing and collections with automated statements, payments, and reconciliation for sponsored students.

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Web deposits, funds collected at point of sale, other miscellaneous revenue - manage it via our real time cashiering system for all payment types.

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Create, manage, and operate vendor storefronts, registration sites, and secure payment pages across campus with easy setup and minimal training.

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Transaction Services

From transaction solutions to alternate payment methods and multi-source reconciliation, our transaction services simplify payment management. 

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