TouchNet introduces U.Commerce 8 - the smarter platform for Higher Ed business management

12/10/2021 3:09:00 PM
TouchNet U.Commerce 8

Higher education is no stranger to digital transformation. But when COVID-19 forced businesses to adapt to new safety and logistical requirements, colleges and universities led the way, moving not only to 100 percent remote classes but student services and administration as well, all in a matter of days. This swift response escalated the digital transformation already underway across higher ed institutions.

Today, TouchNet is pleased to introduce U.Commerce 8, our unified platform designed to support colleges and universities as they balance competing needs to effectively manage their businesses and safely bring students back to campus. As a new hybrid experience including both virtual and in person emerges, U.Commerce delivers mobile first strategies, reporting and analytics, and insight into student engagement to help identify trends, measure success, and inform decisions.

Our platform solution streamlines administrative access to complete student profiles and provides all-in-one student access to payments, credentials, and services that’s both flexible and secure. Additionally, U.Commerce 8 offers new refund options that meet students’ evolving needs and spotlights smart tools geared toward managing and measuring student success outside the classroom.

New in U.Commerce 8 is TouchNet Student Account Advisor, a solution that seamlessly integrates with student information and financial systems to provide one-stop access to the complete student financial footprint. “As the payment ecosystems on campuses evolve, the cashier’s role has changed as well,” says TouchNet President Adam McDonald. “We developed Student Account Advisor to transform and expand the business office’s role with one-stop access and oversight to each student’s comprehensive campus profile whether students are in person or virtual.”

Just as one-stop data access helps the business office advise students, comprehensive access to data flowing into campuswide systems enables administrators to make smart decisions about everything from targeted resource allocation to improving student engagement, capital improvement projects, and more. U.Commerce 8 Reporting will deliver powerful, customized reporting capabilities that compile data from across the TouchNet product stack on one secure, cloud-based platform. And because TouchNet solutions are tailored for institutions of higher education, administrators will have peace of mind knowing their robust U.Commerce 8 reporting capabilities address industry-specific compliance and security requirements.

While mobile apps were already popular among today’s digital-native students, the pandemic reinforced the importance of keeping students informed and engaged regardless of their location. U.Commerce 8 responds to this reality by delivering the new TouchNet 360u mobile app that brings features and functionality to expand mobile-driven flexibility and fingertip access to campus services. 360u is an easy-to-use mobile app designed to offer students a single point of access to a complete campuswide experience for all happenings outside the classroom.

“Digital evolution on campus is here to stay,” added McDonald. “As institutions evolve to meet changing security needs, privacy considerations, and student expectations, U.Commerce 8’s powerful integration and innovation will continue to make it the premier platform for transforming the campuses of the future and making higher education smarter.”