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SponsorPoint streamlines schools' and sponsors' account management, providing contract transparency and simplified invoicing and payments to market and grow sponsor programs.

A Better Way to Manage Sponsorships

When it comes to payments, employer-sponsored students don’t fit the traditional student model. And while they represent a valuable source of revenue for many schools, they can also create extra work for the business office, not to mention the sponsor. It doesn’t have to be this way. SponsorPoint features automated statements, payments and reconciliation to make sponsored students’ billing and payments easier.

Sponsor Point

Faster Processing and Payments for Schools

Because SponsorPoint itemizes every student within a sponsor’s contract, schools can clearly identify how payments should be allocated and which students if any have unpaid balances. Billing is more accurate, payments arrive faster, and reconciliation is streamlined, thanks to features including:

  • ERP contract integration
  • Dynamic online billing
  • Ability to accept remittance payments

Accurate, Efficient Sponsor Recordkeeping

Via SponsorPoint’s user-friendly online portal, sponsors can review accounts collectively or by individual student. Sponsorscan verify enrollment, view account activity, and make payments. They can also:

  • View detail-level transactions
  • Pay toward contract or by student
  • Review class schedules and other account details

Given SponsorPoint’s ERP integration and easy-to-use interface, it’s no wonder Taylor Shively at Subaru of Indiana Automotive, which sponsors students at Purdue University says, “SponsorPoint has honestly made paying for hundreds of students a million times easier.”

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