Helpful Resources for Higher Ed

8/25/2020 12:30 PM

When I wrote to you last December about TouchNet’s 2020 plans, I clearly had no idea a pandemic had already begun on the other side of the globe. But last spring when we began to understand COVID-19’s impact on colleges and universities, TouchNet took action.

From helping customers use our refund technology differently to transitioning our delivery of emergency training and information, to building new apps and enhancements to improve social distancing and campus safety, we’ve spent much of 2020 helping schools transition to contactless campuses.

Now, with schools setting and reversing policies as case numbers change, we know timely information is important to keeping campuses safe. I’m sharing several of the resources my team and I have found valuable for evaluating and tracking related trends:

  • You’ve no doubt heard about the CDC recently, but did you know its website has a page specifically devoted to higher ed? Check it out for planning, preparation and response tips to help keep employees and students safe.
  • The College Crisis Initiative (C2i), created by Davidson College is a searchable resource that tracks factors including size, location, peer networks, urbanicity, athletics, and other variables as they relate to school reopenings.
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education delivers C2i and additional data in a variety of formats, including an at-a-glance comparison chart of schools by name and current reopening plan.
  • Although not higher-ed specific, Global Payments offers all businesses important information on payment-related topics from maintaining security and compliance to business continuity on its frequently updated COVID-19 page.

Because we anticipate the demand for contactless information and solutions will remain high for the foreseeable future, we’re also making our own related products and content easier to find. Beginning September 1, we’ll have a new page that’s accessible via the menu item Trends > Contactless Campus or by going directly to will link to original and curated content, including:

  • TouchNet’s new eguide, “Your Guide to Creating a Contactless Campus”
  • Product Updates
  • Quick links to news, blogs, podcasts, and webinars through
  • Partner news
  • Curated content, and more

We all look forward to moving beyond the pandemic. Until then, visit often to stay informed of the latest, most relevant pandemic-related information and news for colleges and universities.