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5 Innovative Campus Services with TouchNet Ready Partners

5/3/2022 7:00 PM

We are always impressed with the innovation and quality of services our TouchNet Ready Partners make possible for college and university campuses. Here are five unique services available through our partners.

  Sustainability in Food Service

Reducing waste and single use to-go packaging is a cause that Gen Z cares about. TouchNet Ready Partner, USEFULL, is addressing this issue by providing reusable to-go packaging. Students can pick up to-go orders in stainless steel containers and, when finished, drop them off in collection bins around campus to be collected, sanitized, and redistributed to campus vendors. Switching to USEFULL is estimated to save a campus 50-84% on the cost of single-use packaging and waste.1

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Delivery Robots

Move over—delivery coming through! Autonomous robots developed by Starship Technologies deliver food orders and more across campuses. Integrated with TouchNet OneCard, students can use their declining balance accounts as a payment method within Starship’s delivery app. This innovative technology helps provide students with a convenient experience that ensures security and safety in their busy schedules.

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Mobile Laundry

Gone are the days of feeding quarters into laundry machines, and not knowing if machines are available before lugging your basket of clothes to the laundry room. Students can see when washers and dryers are available and pay for loads through their mobile device, including with their declining balance accounts. Through our TouchNet Partners Network, campuses can select from multiple vendors that provide a range of mobile laundry solutions.

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  Self-Service Device Rental

Providing loaner equipment to students isn’t a new concept, and doing so can help bridge the digital divide for lower income students who can’t afford their own devices. But for the institution, it can create a stress on staff who have to manage the checking out/in process. Stay Connected, a TouchNet Ready Partner, makes the process easier and more convenient by providing self-service device rental stations. Students can check out equipment at their convenience directly from the kiosk with their student ID.

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  Biometric Identity Management

As the trend toward contactless campuses continues, biometric identity management is another way for higher ed institutions to ensure secure access across campus. TouchNet Ready Partner, Princeton Identity, integrates with our ID management solutions to provide students with building access and dining programs through advanced face and iris biometric readers, rather than scanning their student ID cards.

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  About the TouchNet Partner Network

The TouchNet Partner Network is an ecosystem of service providers, system integrators, payment processors, and enterprise-level technology companies. With more than 250 certified partners, higher education institutions have access to an unparalleled network of validated and integrated technology partners committed to delivering superior solutions for campus experiences.

TouchNet facilitates connections that help ensure secure payments and reduce the scope of PCI compliance activities for more than 1,000 higher ed institutions. Through the TouchNet Partners Network, universities and colleges can easily connect with a wide variety of vendors that assist in expanding student services while consolidating administrative management within TouchNet solutions.

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1 - USEFULL website: https://www.usefull.us/