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Best of 2023 - Most Popular Blogs, Podcasts, and Webinars from TouchNet

12/19/2023 8:00 PM

In 2023, higher education saw and continues to see a tremendous amount of pressure from outside forces that, frankly, make the business of higher education more challenging. From legislative restrictions on the types of holds institutions can implement to resuming activity on past-due account receivables; from new compliance standards for accepting payments to new technologies that are driving student expectations for on-campus experiences, business officers at colleges and universities have a lot of competing priorities to manage.

As we looked back on the topics we covered this year, it is no surprise that the pieces our audience engaged with most align with those outside forces. The following blogs, podcasts and webinars were the most read, listened to, and watched pieces that TouchNet published this year.

Top 6 Blogs of 2023

1. Addressing Unpaid Balances When Transcript Holds are Not an Option

2. Taking the Student Payment Experience to the Next Level

3. Creating a One-Stop Shop to Help Students, Staff, and Institutions

4. 7 Ways a Mobile-First Approach Prioritizes Your Student's Experience

5. Is “Going Cashless” the Future?

6. Need More Time with Students? Automation May Be the Answer

Top 4 Podcasts of 2023

1. Episode 701: Taking a Student-Friendly Approach to Past-Due Accounts
Kristy Pritchett, University of Alabama

2. Episode 702: Simplifying International Payments
Mike Pilman, Tulane University

3. Episode 603: Unifying Student Services into a One-Stop Shop
Fredderick Simmons, Portland Community College

4. Episode 607: Behind the Scenes of Mobile ID for Apple and Android
Joe Harting, Director of Campus Operations

Top 3 Webinars of 2023

1. Back to the Basics: Student Finance

2. The Basics: Campus Services Compliance

3. Unlocking the Power of your Card System Data

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