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Why Less Cash is the Way to Go

Trends show swiping cards and tapping mobile phones are now far more common ways to pay than pulling cash out of your wallet.

Benefits of a Cashless Campus

From students and visitors to staff and administration, going cashless provides a bevy of benefits to all on campus.

How to Reduce Cash on Campus

Transitioning to a cashless campus is a multi-step process. Learn what to consider as you move to use cash less.

Currently Cashless on Campus

Many cashless processes are likely already occurring on your campus. Common examples arise where students frequently interact:

  • declining balance accounts for on-campus goods and services, like dining, laundry, and parking
  • event tickets purchased through a website or app and delivered to a mobile device
  • ecommerce stores for departments and student organizations


A Cashless Case Study

“[At first], other universities were pretty shocked. What do you mean, you're not taking cash? How can you not take cash? And now we get the questions, how did you do that? What were the ins and outs that you noticed?”

Beth Hardcastle
Assistant Controller, Student Business Services
Eastern Michigan University

Using Cash Less eBook

Universities and colleges are increasingly moving towards cashless operations. In this eBook, learn about digital payment trends, the benefits of moving to a cashless campus, and steps you can take to reduce cash on campus.


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