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California College of the Arts and TouchNet deploy robust payment and access control infrastructure

In 2017 as California College of the Arts (CCA) began planning for its Workday Student deployment, the project team identified some unmet needs that required a solution outside of Workday’s offerings.

CCA did not have a way to collect online payments for goods and services outside of tuition payments, including paying for books or fines, buying art supplies, and more.

CCA was also consolidating two campuses into a single expanded campus in San Francisco and implementing new student housing and dining services for the first time. As part of the expansion, CCA required an access solution to enable students to enter dining halls and other buildings securely.

Download the case study to learn more about how CCA took a platform approach to unify their technology, with TouchNet providing CCA potent and well-integrated solutions configured to seamlessly work with Workday, align with CCA policies and procedures, improve interdepartmental coordination, offer a modern user experience for students, simplify cashiering and payment processes for students and staff, and implement a secure ID card and access control system.

Case study published by the Tambellini Group.

Case studies