Case studies

47,000 students. One self-service payments system.

The best kind of visit to the business office is no visit at all. Purdue University collaborated with TouchNet with the goal of allowing students to concentrate on their academic goals instead of everyday financial transactions.

Together, we created a "no-stop" shop for students that saves time and money and utilizes staff more efficiently.

A single platform for payments

Located in Lafayette, Indiana with approximately 47,000 students, Purdue uses TouchNet solutions Bill+Payment, Cashiering, Marketplace, and SponsorPoint to digitize campus-related payments.

The secret, according to Amanda Emmons, Associate Bursar of Payment Processing and Student Services, is making processes easy.

“We really focus on a no-stop approach. By allowing the students to have all the information readily available, it makes it simple and intuitive.”

— Amanda Emmons
Associate Bursar of Payment Processing and Student Services at Purdue University

Orienting users for success

From the first day of orientation, students are directed to Purdue’s single sign-on portal. At that point, TouchNet Bill+Payment allows them to set up authorized users for their accounts, make a payment plan, and learn about direct deposit for refunds. This helped reduce student trips to the business office.

As a result of the program, Purdue enjoys a 90% adoption rate for direct deposit via TouchNet eRefunds.

“We have some pictures where students were standing in line to come to cashier windows to pay their bills,” said Emmons. “Now, there’s no wait time. They can take care of all of that, and move on with their life and really focus on their academics and things that really matter.”

— Amanda Emmons
Associate Bursar of Payment Processing and Student Services at Purdue University

Fewer phone calls. More answers.

TouchNet solutions significantly reduced phone calls to the business office by half. Personnel can track the most frequently asked questions and update the student portal with deep dive links. Providing these links allows staff to focus on students who have more complex questions.

Timely alerts and reminders

TouchNet also alerts students who have not set up direct deposit for an e-refund. Email reminders directly link to the eRefund page, making it easy to sign up. And reminder emails confirm enrollment, which keeps receivables and delinquencies in check.

The results speak for themselves: In addition to the high enrollment in direct deposit, 92% of Purdue students authorize electronic 1098-Ts. Tim Riley, Bursar and Assistant Controller at Purdue University, says the cost savings are notable. “In our 1098-T volume, we’ve dropped significantly. We were sending over 40,000 paper statements and spending $25,000 to $29,000 a year in just paper and postage. Now we spend about $2,500 a year.”